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Merge tag 'for-linus-20191003' of git://

Pull clone3/pidfd fixes from Christian Brauner:
 "This contains a couple of fixes:

   - Fix pidfd selftest compilation (Shuah Kahn)

     Due to a false linking instruction in the Makefile compilation for
     the pidfd selftests would fail on some systems.

   - Fix compilation for glibc on RISC-V systems (Seth Forshee)

     In some scenarios linux/uapi/linux/sched.h is included where
     __ASSEMBLY__ is defined causing a build failure because struct
     clone_args was not guarded by an #ifndef __ASSEMBLY__.

   - Add missing clone3() and struct clone_args kernel-doc (Christian Brauner)

     clone3() and struct clone_args were missing kernel-docs. (The goal
     is to use kernel-doc for any function or type where it's worth it.)
     For struct clone_args this also contains a comment about the fact
     that it's versioned by size"

* tag 'for-linus-20191003' of git://
  sched: add kernel-doc for struct clone_args
  fork: add kernel-doc for clone3
  selftests: pidfd: Fix undefined reference to pthread_create()
  sched: Add __ASSEMBLY__ guards around struct clone_args
parents 768b47b7 78f6face
......@@ -33,8 +33,31 @@
#define CLONE_NEWNET 0x40000000 /* New network namespace */
#define CLONE_IO 0x80000000 /* Clone io context */
* Arguments for the clone3 syscall
#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
* struct clone_args - arguments for the clone3 syscall
* @flags: Flags for the new process as listed above.
* All flags are valid except for CSIGNAL and
* @pidfd: If CLONE_PIDFD is set, a pidfd will be
* returned in this argument.
* @child_tid: If CLONE_CHILD_SETTID is set, the TID of the
* child process will be returned in the child's
* memory.
* @parent_tid: If CLONE_PARENT_SETTID is set, the TID of
* the child process will be returned in the
* parent's memory.
* @exit_signal: The exit_signal the parent process will be
* sent when the child exits.
* @stack: Specify the location of the stack for the
* child process.
* @stack_size: The size of the stack for the child process.
* @tls: If CLONE_SETTLS is set, the tls descriptor
* is set to tls.
* The structure is versioned by size and thus extensible.
* New struct members must go at the end of the struct and
* must be properly 64bit aligned.
struct clone_args {
__aligned_u64 flags;
......@@ -46,6 +69,7 @@ struct clone_args {
__aligned_u64 stack_size;
__aligned_u64 tls;
* Scheduling policies
......@@ -2604,6 +2604,17 @@ static bool clone3_args_valid(const struct kernel_clone_args *kargs)
return true;
* clone3 - create a new process with specific properties
* @uargs: argument structure
* @size: size of @uargs
* clone3() is the extensible successor to clone()/clone2().
* It takes a struct as argument that is versioned by its size.
* Return: On success, a positive PID for the child process.
* On error, a negative errno number.
SYSCALL_DEFINE2(clone3, struct clone_args __user *, uargs, size_t, size)
int err;
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
CFLAGS += -g -I../../../../usr/include/ -lpthread
CFLAGS += -g -I../../../../usr/include/ -pthread
TEST_GEN_PROGS := pidfd_test pidfd_open_test pidfd_poll_test pidfd_wait
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