Commit d171fd95 authored by James Clark's avatar James Clark
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perf cs-etm: Show a warning for an unknown magic number

Currently perf reports "Cannot allocate memory" which isn't very helpful
for a potentially user facing issue. If we add a new magic number in
the future, perf will be able to report unrecognised magic numbers.
Signed-off-by: James Clark's avatarJames Clark <>
parent 673f6588
......@@ -2973,6 +2973,11 @@ int cs_etm__process_auxtrace_info(union perf_event *event,
/* ETE shares first part of metadata with ETMv4 */
trcidr_idx = CS_ETMV4_TRCTRACEIDR;
} else {
ui__error("CS ETM Trace: Unrecognised magic number %#"PRIx64". File could be from a newer version of perf.\n",
err = -EINVAL;
goto err_free_metadata;
if (!metadata[j]) {
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