Commit ce5f5f1c authored by Jeremy Linton's avatar Jeremy Linton

ACPI/PPTT: Add Processor Properties Topology Table parsing

ACPI 6.2 adds a new table, which describes how processing units
are related to each other in tree like fashion. Caches are
also sprinkled throughout the tree and describe the properties
of the caches in relation to other caches and processing units.

Add the code to parse the cache hierarchy and report the total
number of levels of cache for a given core using
acpi_find_last_cache_level() as well as fill out the individual
cores cache information with cache_setup_acpi() once the
cpu_cacheinfo structure has been populated by the arch specific

Further, report peers in the topology using setup_acpi_cpu_topology()
to report a unique ID for each processing unit at a given level
in the tree. These unique id's can then be used to match related
processing units which exist as threads, COD (clusters
on die), within a given package, etc.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJeremy Linton <>
parent 33d930e5
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