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    sched/pelt: [HACK] Make PELT trace points unconditional · 753eddce
    Morten Rasmussen authored and Ionela Voinescu's avatar Ionela Voinescu committed
    This is a temporary hack.
    Currently trace points for PELT are only triggered when the PELT metrics
    consumed by the scheduler are actually updated, i.e. util_avg. This
    means no updates if no 1 ms boundary is being crossed by the update.
    When reconstructing the PELT signal based on this data, the peak PELT
    value can therefore be up to 1 ms worth of PELT accumulation off (23 in
    absolute terms). This leads to a discrepancy that causes test cases to
    This patch ensures that trace events are always emitted even if the
    metrics haven't been updated which should allow accurate reconstruction
    of the PELT signals.
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