Commit 78106c97 authored by Morten Rasmussen's avatar Morten Rasmussen
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sched: Disable energy-unfriendly nohz kicks

With energy-aware scheduling enabled nohz_kick_needed() generates many
nohz idle-balance kicks which lead to nothing when multiple tasks get
packed on a single cpu to save energy. This causes unnecessary wake-ups
and hence wastes energy. Make these conditions depend on !energy_aware()
for now until the energy-aware nohz story gets sorted out.

cc: Ingo Molnar <>
cc: Peter Zijlstra <>

Signed-off-by: Morten Rasmussen's avatarMorten Rasmussen <>
parent bbf9106d
......@@ -8382,12 +8382,13 @@ static inline bool nohz_kick_needed(struct rq *rq)
if (time_before(now, nohz.next_balance))
return false;
if (rq->nr_running >= 2)
if (rq->nr_running >= 2 &&
(!energy_aware() || cpu_overutilized(cpu)))
return true;
sd = rcu_dereference(per_cpu(sd_busy, cpu));
if (sd) {
if (sd && !energy_aware()) {
sgc = sd->groups->sgc;
nr_busy = atomic_read(&sgc->nr_busy_cpus);
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