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    can: replace timestamp as unique skb attribute · d3b58c47
    Oliver Hartkopp authored
    Commit 514ac99c "can: fix multiple delivery of a single CAN frame for
    overlapping CAN filters" requires the skb->tstamp to be set to check for
    identical CAN skbs.
    Without timestamping to be required by user space applications this timestamp
    was not generated which lead to commit 36c01245
     "can: fix loss of CAN frames
    in raw_rcv" - which forces the timestamp to be set in all CAN related skbuffs
    by introducing several __net_timestamp() calls.
    This forces e.g. out of tree drivers which are not using alloc_can{,fd}_skb()
    to add __net_timestamp() after skbuff creation to prevent the frame loss fixed
    in mainline Linux.
    This patch removes the timestamp dependency and uses an atomic counter to
    create an unique identifier together with the skbuff pointer.
    Btw: the new skbcnt element introduced in struct can_skb_priv has to be
    initialized with zero in out-of-tree drivers which are not using
    alloc_can{,fd}_skb() too.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarOliver Hartkopp <socketcan@hartkopp.net>
    Cc: linux-stable <stable@vger.kernel.org>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMarc Kleine-Budde <mkl@pengutronix.de>