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FROMGIT: Documentation: coresight: Add PID tracing description

After support the PID tracing for the kernel in EL1 or EL2, the usage
gets more complicated.

This patch gives description for the PMU formats of contextID configs,
this can help users to understand how to control the knobs for PID
tracing when the kernel is in different ELs.
Reviewed-by: Suzuki Poulose's avatarSuzuki K Poulose <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMike Leach <>
Signed-off-by: Leo Yan's avatarLeo Yan <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMathieu Poirier <>

Signed-off-by: default avatarGreg Kroah-Hartman <>
(cherry picked from commit 06c18e28

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Signed-off-by: Qais Yousef's avatarQais Yousef <>
Change-Id: I7e0c8e75860d9acbcb257c1f2cf9155f40ba8638
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......@@ -512,6 +512,38 @@ The --itrace option controls the type and frequency of synthesized events
Note that only 64-bit programs are currently supported - further work is
required to support instruction decode of 32-bit Arm programs.
2.2) Tracing PID
The kernel can be built to write the PID value into the PE ContextID registers.
For a kernel running at EL1, the PID is stored in CONTEXTIDR_EL1. A PE may
implement Arm Virtualization Host Extensions (VHE), which the kernel can
run at EL2 as a virtualisation host; in this case, the PID value is stored in
perf provides PMU formats that program the ETM to insert these values into the
trace data; the PMU formats are defined as below:
"contextid1": Available on both EL1 kernel and EL2 kernel. When the
kernel is running at EL1, "contextid1" enables the PID
tracing; when the kernel is running at EL2, this enables
tracing the PID of guest applications.
"contextid2": Only usable when the kernel is running at EL2. When
selected, enables PID tracing on EL2 kernel.
"contextid": Will be an alias for the option that enables PID
tracing. I.e,
contextid == contextid1, on EL1 kernel.
contextid == contextid2, on EL2 kernel.
perf will always enable PID tracing at the relevant EL, this is accomplished by
automatically enable the "contextid" config - but for EL2 it is possible to make
specific adjustments using configs "contextid1" and "contextid2", E.g. if a user
wants to trace PIDs for both host and guest, the two configs "contextid1" and
"contextid2" can be set at the same time:
perf record -e cs_etm/contextid1,contextid2/u -- vm
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