1. 04 Sep, 2021 4 commits
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      Merge tag 'denywrite-for-5.15' of git://github.com/davidhildenbrand/linux · 49624efa
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull MAP_DENYWRITE removal from David Hildenbrand:
       "Remove all in-tree usage of MAP_DENYWRITE from the kernel and remove
        There are some (minor) user-visible changes:
         - We no longer deny write access to shared libaries loaded via legacy
           uselib(); this behavior matches modern user space e.g. dlopen().
         - We no longer deny write access to the elf interpreter after exec
           completed, treating it just like shared libraries (which it often
         - We always deny write access to the file linked via /proc/pid/exe:
           sys_prctl(PR_SET_MM_MAP/EXE_FILE) will fail if write access to the
           file cannot be denied, and write access to the file will remain
           denied until the link is effectivel gone (exec, termination,
           sys_prctl(PR_SET_MM_MAP/EXE_FILE)) -- just as if exec'ing the file.
        Cross-compiled for a bunch of architectures (alpha, microblaze, i386,
        s390x, ...) and verified via ltp that especially the relevant tests
        (i.e., creat07 and execve04) continue working as expected"
      * tag 'denywrite-for-5.15' of git://github.com/davidhildenbrand/linux:
        fs: update documentation of get_write_access() and friends
        mm: ignore MAP_DENYWRITE in ksys_mmap_pgoff()
        mm: remove VM_DENYWRITE
        binfmt: remove in-tree usage of MAP_DENYWRITE
        kernel/fork: always deny write access to current MM exe_file
        kernel/fork: factor out replacing the current MM exe_file
        binfmt: don't use MAP_DENYWRITE when loading shared libraries via uselib()
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      Merge git://github.com/Paragon-Software-Group/linux-ntfs3 · f7464060
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Merge NTFSv3 filesystem from Konstantin Komarov:
       "This patch adds NTFS Read-Write driver to fs/ntfs3.
        Having decades of expertise in commercial file systems development and
        huge test coverage, we at Paragon Software GmbH want to make our
        contribution to the Open Source Community by providing implementation
        of NTFS Read-Write driver for the Linux Kernel.
        This is fully functional NTFS Read-Write driver. Current version works
        with NTFS (including v3.1) and normal/compressed/sparse files and
        supports journal replaying.
        We plan to support this version after the codebase once merged, and
        add new features and fix bugs. For example, full journaling support
        over JBD will be added in later updates"
      Link: https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/20210729134943.778917-1-almaz.alexandrovich@paragon-software.com/
      Link: https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/aa4aa155-b9b2-9099-b7a2-349d8d9d8fbd@paragon-software.com/
      * git://github.com/Paragon-Software-Group/linux-ntfs3: (35 commits)
        fs/ntfs3: Change how module init/info messages are displayed
        fs/ntfs3: Remove GPL boilerplates from decompress lib files
        fs/ntfs3: Remove unnecessary condition checking from ntfs_file_read_iter
        fs/ntfs3: Fix integer overflow in ni_fiemap with fiemap_prep()
        fs/ntfs3: Restyle comments to better align with kernel-doc
        fs/ntfs3: Rework file operations
        fs/ntfs3: Remove fat ioctl's from ntfs3 driver for now
        fs/ntfs3: Restyle comments to better align with kernel-doc
        fs/ntfs3: Fix error handling in indx_insert_into_root()
        fs/ntfs3: Potential NULL dereference in hdr_find_split()
        fs/ntfs3: Fix error code in indx_add_allocate()
        fs/ntfs3: fix an error code in ntfs_get_acl_ex()
        fs/ntfs3: add checks for allocation failure
        fs/ntfs3: Use kcalloc/kmalloc_array over kzalloc/kmalloc
        fs/ntfs3: Do not use driver own alloc wrappers
        fs/ntfs3: Use kernel ALIGN macros over driver specific
        fs/ntfs3: Restyle comment block in ni_parse_reparse()
        fs/ntfs3: Remove unused including <linux/version.h>
        fs/ntfs3: Fix fall-through warnings for Clang
        fs/ntfs3: Fix one none utf8 char in source file
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      Merge tag 'f2fs-for-5.15-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jaegeuk/f2fs · 6abaa83c
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull f2fs updates from Jaegeuk Kim:
       "In this cycle, we've addressed some performance issues such as lock
        contention, misbehaving compress_cache, allowing extent_cache for
        compressed files, and new sysfs to adjust ra_size for fadvise.
        In order to diagnose the performance issues quickly, we also added an
        iostat which shows the IO latencies periodically.
        On the stability side, we've found two memory leakage cases in the
        error path in compression flow. And, we've also fixed various corner
        cases in fiemap, quota, checkpoint=disable, zstd, and so on.
         - avoid long checkpoint latency by releasing nat_tree_lock
         - collect and show iostats periodically
         - support extent_cache for compressed files
         - add a sysfs entry to manage ra_size given fadvise(POSIX_FADV_SEQUENTIAL)
         - report f2fs GC status via sysfs
         - add discard_unit=%s in mount option to handle zoned device
        Bug fixes:
         - fix two memory leakages when an error happens in the compressed IO flow
         - fix commpress_cache to get the right LBA
         - fix fiemap to deal with compressed case correctly
         - fix wrong EIO returns due to SBI_NEED_FSCK
         - fix missing writes when enabling checkpoint back
         - fix quota deadlock
         - fix zstd level mount option
        In addition to the above major updates, we've cleaned up several code
        paths such as dio, unnecessary operations, debugfs/f2fs/status, sanity
        check, and typos"
      * tag 'f2fs-for-5.15-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jaegeuk/f2fs: (46 commits)
        f2fs: should put a page beyond EOF when preparing a write
        f2fs: deallocate compressed pages when error happens
        f2fs: enable realtime discard iff device supports discard
        f2fs: guarantee to write dirty data when enabling checkpoint back
        f2fs: fix to unmap pages from userspace process in punch_hole()
        f2fs: fix unexpected ENOENT comes from f2fs_map_blocks()
        f2fs: fix to account missing .skipped_gc_rwsem
        f2fs: adjust unlock order for cleanup
        f2fs: Don't create discard thread when device doesn't support realtime discard
        f2fs: rebuild nat_bits during umount
        f2fs: introduce periodic iostat io latency traces
        f2fs: separate out iostat feature
        f2fs: compress: do sanity check on cluster
        f2fs: fix description about main_blkaddr node
        f2fs: convert S_IRUGO to 0444
        f2fs: fix to keep compatibility of fault injection interface
        f2fs: support fault injection for f2fs_kmem_cache_alloc()
        f2fs: compress: allow write compress released file after truncate to zero
        f2fs: correct comment in segment.h
        f2fs: improve sbi status info in debugfs/f2fs/status
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      Merge tag 'nfs-for-5.15-1' of git://git.linux-nfs.org/projects/anna/linux-nfs · 0961f0c0
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull NFS client updates from Anna Schumaker:
       "New Features:
         - Better client responsiveness when server isn't replying
         - Use refcount_t in sunrpc rpc_client refcount tracking
         - Add srcaddr and dst_port to the sunrpc sysfs info files
         - Add basic support for connection sharing between servers with multiple NICs`
        Bugfixes and Cleanups:
         - Sunrpc tracepoint cleanups
         - Disconnect after ib_post_send() errors to avoid deadlocks
         - Fix for tearing down rpcrdma_reps
         - Fix a potential pNFS layoutget livelock loop
         - pNFS layout barrier fixes
         - Fix a potential memory corruption in rpc_wake_up_queued_task_set_status()
         - Fix reconnection locking
         - Fix return value of get_srcport()
         - Remove rpcrdma_post_sends()
         - Remove pNFS dead code
         - Remove copy size restriction for inter-server copies
         - Overhaul the NFS callback service
         - Clean up sunrpc TCP socket shutdowns
         - Always provide aligned buffers to RPC read layers"
      * tag 'nfs-for-5.15-1' of git://git.linux-nfs.org/projects/anna/linux-nfs: (39 commits)
        NFS: Always provide aligned buffers to the RPC read layers
        NFSv4.1 add network transport when session trunking is detected
        SUNRPC enforce creation of no more than max_connect xprts
        NFSv4 introduce max_connect mount options
        SUNRPC add xps_nunique_destaddr_xprts to xprt_switch_info in sysfs
        SUNRPC keep track of number of transports to unique addresses
        NFSv3: Delete duplicate judgement in nfs3_async_handle_jukebox
        SUNRPC: Tweak TCP socket shutdown in the RPC client
        SUNRPC: Simplify socket shutdown when not reusing TCP ports
        NFSv4.2: remove restriction of copy size for inter-server copy.
        NFS: Clean up the synopsis of callback process_op()
        NFS: Extract the xdr_init_encode/decode() calls from decode_compound
        NFS: Remove unused callback void decoder
        NFS: Add a private local dispatcher for NFSv4 callback operations
        SUNRPC: Eliminate the RQ_AUTHERR flag
        SUNRPC: Set rq_auth_stat in the pg_authenticate() callout
        SUNRPC: Add svc_rqst::rq_auth_stat
        SUNRPC: Add dst_port to the sysfs xprt info file
        SUNRPC: Add srcaddr as a file in sysfs
        sunrpc: Fix return value of get_srcport()
  2. 03 Sep, 2021 36 commits