Commit 7298b936 authored by Markus Heidelberg's avatar Markus Heidelberg Committed by Sam Ravnborg
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kconfig qconf: fix namespace for Horizontal and Vertical enum values

They were used as QSplitter::Horizontal resp. QSplitter::Vertical, but
are defined in the 'Qt' namespace.

Fixes the following compiler errors after a quick conversion with 'qt3to4',
which occured with g++ 3.4.6 and 4.1.2, but not anymore with 4.3.2.

scripts/kconfig/ In constructor 'ConfigSearchWindow::ConfigSearchWindow(ConfigMainWindow*, const char*)':
scripts/kconfig/ error: 'Vertical' is not a member of 'QSplitter'

scripts/kconfig/ In constructor 'ConfigMainWindow::ConfigMainWindow()':
scripts/kconfig/ error: 'Horizontal' is not a member of 'QSplitter'
scripts/kconfig/ error: 'Vertical' is not a member of 'QSplitter'

Signed-off-by: default avatarMarkus Heidelberg <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarSam Ravnborg <>
parent 98403a91
......@@ -1199,7 +1199,7 @@ ConfigSearchWindow::ConfigSearchWindow(ConfigMainWindow* parent, const char *nam
split = new QSplitter(this);
list = new ConfigView(split, name);
list->list->mode = listMode;
info = new ConfigInfoView(split, name);
......@@ -1290,14 +1290,14 @@ ConfigMainWindow::ConfigMainWindow(void)
move(x, y);
split1 = new QSplitter(this);
menuView = new ConfigView(split1, "menu");
menuList = menuView->list;
split2 = new QSplitter(split1);
// create config tree
configView = new ConfigView(split2, "config");
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