Commit c284a4cd authored by Stephen Rothwell's avatar Stephen Rothwell
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Merge remote-tracking branch 'mhi/mhi-next'

parents 107148bd 9e04adfc
......@@ -557,6 +557,9 @@ void mhi_deinit_chan_ctxt(struct mhi_controller *mhi_cntrl,
tre_ring = &mhi_chan->tre_ring;
chan_ctxt = &mhi_cntrl->mhi_ctxt->chan_ctxt[mhi_chan->chan];
if (!chan_ctxt->rbase) /* Already uninitialized */
mhi_free_coherent(mhi_cntrl, tre_ring->alloc_size,
tre_ring->pre_aligned, tre_ring->dma_handle);
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