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    mac80211: use rhashtable for station table · 7bedd0cf
    Johannes Berg authored
    We currently have a hand-rolled table with 256 entries and are
    using the last byte of the MAC address as the hash. This hash
    is obviously very fast, but collisions are easily created and
    we waste a lot of space in the common case of just connecting
    as a client to an AP where we just have a single station. The
    other common case of an AP is also suboptimal due to the size
    of the hash table and the ease of causing collisions.
    Convert all of this to use rhashtable with jhash, which gives
    us the advantage of a far better hash function (with random
    perturbation to avoid hash collision attacks) and of course
    that the hash table grows and shrinks dynamically with chain
    length, improving both cases above.
    Use a specialised hash function (using jhash, but with fixed
    length) to achieve better compiler optimisation as suggested
    by Sergey Ryazanov.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJohannes Berg <johannes.berg@intel.com>