Commit 09603eaa authored by Akeem G Abodunrin's avatar Akeem G Abodunrin Committed by Jeff Kirsher
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i40e: Fix VEB/VEPA bridge mode mismatch issue

Fix i40e_is_vsi_uplink_mode_veb to check if bridge is actually
in VEB mode before allowing LB in the add VSI routine, instead of
unconditionally returning VEB bridge mode.

Change-ID: I162397b1bdd02367735fe9baaeb51465be2a3ce9
Signed-off-by: default avatarAkeem G Abodunrin <>
Tested-by: default avatarAndrew Bowers <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJeff Kirsher <>
parent 10dc0358
......@@ -8741,12 +8741,22 @@ int i40e_is_vsi_uplink_mode_veb(struct i40e_vsi *vsi)
return 1;
veb = pf->veb[vsi->veb_idx];
if (!veb) {
"There is no veb associated with the bridge\n");
return -ENOENT;
/* Uplink is a bridge in VEPA mode */
if (veb && (veb->bridge_mode & BRIDGE_MODE_VEPA))
if (veb->bridge_mode & BRIDGE_MODE_VEPA) {
return 0;
} else {
/* Uplink is a bridge in VEB mode */
return 1;
/* Uplink is a bridge in VEB mode */
return 1;
/* VEPA is now default bridge, so return 0 */
return 0;
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