Commit 6c349210 authored by Allan Stephens's avatar Allan Stephens Committed by Paul Gortmaker
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tipc: Streamline media registration error checking

Simplifies error handling performed during media registration, since
TIPC no longer supports the dynamic addition of new media types that
are potentially error-prone. These simplifications include the following:

1) No longer check for premature registration of a new media type.
2) No longer check for negative link priority values (which was pointless
   since such values are unsigned, and could cause a compiler warning).
3) No longer generate a warning describing the exact cause of any
   registration failure (just warns that overall registration failed).

Signed-off-by: default avatarAllan Stephens <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarPaul Gortmaker <>
parent a31abe8d
......@@ -106,48 +106,27 @@ int tipc_register_media(struct media *m_ptr)
if (tipc_mode != TIPC_NET_MODE) {
warn("Media <%s> rejected, not in networked mode yet\n",
if (!media_name_valid(m_ptr->name))
goto exit;
if (!media_name_valid(m_ptr->name)) {
warn("Media <%s> rejected, illegal name\n", m_ptr->name);
if (m_ptr->bcast_addr.type != htonl(m_ptr->type_id))
goto exit;
if (m_ptr->bcast_addr.type != htonl(m_ptr->type_id)) {
warn("Media <%s> rejected, illegal broadcast address\n",
goto exit;
if ((m_ptr->priority < TIPC_MIN_LINK_PRI) ||
(m_ptr->priority > TIPC_MAX_LINK_PRI)) {
warn("Media <%s> rejected, illegal priority (%u)\n",
m_ptr->name, m_ptr->priority);
if (m_ptr->priority > TIPC_MAX_LINK_PRI)
goto exit;
if ((m_ptr->tolerance < TIPC_MIN_LINK_TOL) ||
(m_ptr->tolerance > TIPC_MAX_LINK_TOL)) {
warn("Media <%s> rejected, illegal tolerance (%u)\n",
m_ptr->name, m_ptr->tolerance);
(m_ptr->tolerance > TIPC_MAX_LINK_TOL))
goto exit;
if (media_count >= MAX_MEDIA) {
warn("Media <%s> rejected, media limit reached (%u)\n",
m_ptr->name, MAX_MEDIA);
if (media_count >= MAX_MEDIA)
goto exit;
if (media_find(m_ptr->name) || media_find_id(m_ptr->type_id)) {
warn("Media <%s> rejected, already registered\n", m_ptr->name);
if (media_find(m_ptr->name) || media_find_id(m_ptr->type_id))
goto exit;
media_list[media_count] = m_ptr;
res = 0;
if (res)
warn("Media <%s> registration error\n", m_ptr->name);
return res;
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