Commit a763be5c authored by Al Viro's avatar Al Viro Committed by Linus Torvalds
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[PATCH] m68k: fix use of void foo(void) asm("bar") in traps.c

with gcc4 these have file scope, so having them different in different
blocks doesn't work anymore
Signed-off-by: default avatarAl Viro <>
Cc: Roman Zippel <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Morton <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Torvalds <>
parent 63907435
......@@ -169,25 +169,25 @@ void __init trap_init (void)
if (CPU_IS_060 && !FPU_IS_EMU) {
/* set up IFPSP entry points */
asmlinkage void snan_vec(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_snan");
asmlinkage void operr_vec(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_operr");
asmlinkage void ovfl_vec(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_ovfl");
asmlinkage void unfl_vec(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_unfl");
asmlinkage void dz_vec(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_dz");
asmlinkage void inex_vec(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_inex");
asmlinkage void fline_vec(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_fline");
asmlinkage void unsupp_vec(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_unsupp");
asmlinkage void effadd_vec(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_effadd");
vectors[VEC_FPNAN] = snan_vec;
vectors[VEC_FPOE] = operr_vec;
vectors[VEC_FPOVER] = ovfl_vec;
vectors[VEC_FPUNDER] = unfl_vec;
vectors[VEC_FPDIVZ] = dz_vec;
vectors[VEC_FPIR] = inex_vec;
vectors[VEC_LINE11] = fline_vec;
vectors[VEC_FPUNSUP] = unsupp_vec;
vectors[VEC_UNIMPEA] = effadd_vec;
asmlinkage void snan_vec6(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_snan");
asmlinkage void operr_vec6(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_operr");
asmlinkage void ovfl_vec6(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_ovfl");
asmlinkage void unfl_vec6(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_unfl");
asmlinkage void dz_vec6(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_dz");
asmlinkage void inex_vec6(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_inex");
asmlinkage void fline_vec6(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_fline");
asmlinkage void unsupp_vec6(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_unsupp");
asmlinkage void effadd_vec6(void) asm ("_060_fpsp_effadd");
vectors[VEC_FPNAN] = snan_vec6;
vectors[VEC_FPOE] = operr_vec6;
vectors[VEC_FPOVER] = ovfl_vec6;
vectors[VEC_FPUNDER] = unfl_vec6;
vectors[VEC_FPDIVZ] = dz_vec6;
vectors[VEC_FPIR] = inex_vec6;
vectors[VEC_LINE11] = fline_vec6;
vectors[VEC_FPUNSUP] = unsupp_vec6;
vectors[VEC_UNIMPEA] = effadd_vec6;
/* if running on an amiga, make the NMI interrupt do nothing */
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