Commit ea70ba98 authored by Vivien Didelot's avatar Vivien Didelot Committed by David S. Miller
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net: dsa: add port_fdb_dump function

Not all switch chips support a Get Next operation to iterate on its FDB.
So add a more simple port_fdb_dump function for them.

Signed-off-by: default avatarVivien Didelot <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent e9829b97
......@@ -198,6 +198,7 @@ static inline u8 dsa_upstream_port(struct dsa_switch *ds)
struct switchdev_trans;
struct switchdev_obj;
struct switchdev_obj_port_fdb;
struct dsa_switch_driver {
......@@ -330,6 +331,9 @@ struct dsa_switch_driver {
int (*port_fdb_getnext)(struct dsa_switch *ds, int port,
unsigned char *addr, u16 *vid,
bool *is_static);
int (*port_fdb_dump)(struct dsa_switch *ds, int port,
struct switchdev_obj_port_fdb *fdb,
int (*cb)(struct switchdev_obj *obj));
void register_switch_driver(struct dsa_switch_driver *type);
......@@ -382,6 +382,9 @@ static int dsa_slave_port_fdb_dump(struct net_device *dev,
u16 vid = 0;
int ret;
if (ds->drv->port_fdb_dump)
return ds->drv->port_fdb_dump(ds, p->port, fdb, cb);
if (!ds->drv->port_fdb_getnext)
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