Commit 18244362 authored by Masami Hiramatsu's avatar Masami Hiramatsu Committed by Ingo Molnar
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xtensa: Mark _stext and _end as char-arrays, not single char variables

Mark _stext and _end as character arrays instead of single
character variables, like include/asm-generic/sections.h does.

Signed-off-by: default avatarMasami Hiramatsu <>
Cc: Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli <>
Cc: Anil S Keshavamurthy <>
Cc: Chris Zankel <>
Cc: David S . Miller <>
Cc: Francis Deslauriers <>
Cc: Jesper Nilsson <>
Cc: Linus Torvalds <>
Cc: Max Filippov <>
Cc: Mikael Starvik <>
Cc: Peter Zijlstra <>
Cc: Thomas Gleixner <>
Cc: Yoshinori Sato <>

Signed-off-by: default avatarIngo Molnar <>
parent b4464bf9
......@@ -273,8 +273,8 @@ void __init init_arch(bp_tag_t *bp_start)
* Initialize system. Setup memory and reserve regions.
extern char _end;
extern char _stext;
extern char _end[];
extern char _stext[];
extern char _WindowVectors_text_start;
extern char _WindowVectors_text_end;
extern char _DebugInterruptVector_literal_start;
......@@ -333,7 +333,7 @@ void __init setup_arch(char **cmdline_p)
mem_reserve(__pa(&_stext), __pa(&_end));
mem_reserve(__pa(_stext), __pa(_end));
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