Commit 60e22cff authored by Max Filippov's avatar Max Filippov
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xtensa: use ITLB_HIT_BIT instead of hardcoded number

There is ITLB_HIT_BIT macro, no need to use 0x8 to check for TLB hit.

Signed-off-by: default avatarMax Filippov <>
parent 5a7ad114
......@@ -453,9 +453,9 @@ void cpu_reset(void)
tmpaddr += SZ_512M;
/* Invalidate mapping in the selected temporary area */
if (itlb_probe(tmpaddr) & 0x8)
if (itlb_probe(tmpaddr) & BIT(ITLB_HIT_BIT))
if (itlb_probe(tmpaddr + PAGE_SIZE) & 0x8)
if (itlb_probe(tmpaddr + PAGE_SIZE) & BIT(ITLB_HIT_BIT))
invalidate_itlb_entry(itlb_probe(tmpaddr + PAGE_SIZE));
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