Commit c8b263cc authored by Heiko Stuebner's avatar Heiko Stuebner Committed by Mark Brown
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regulator: act8865: add input supply handling

The act88600/act8846/act8865 regulators have a number of input supplies
supplying the individual regulators. This may even be recursively like on
most Rockchip boards using the act8846 where REG4 is most of the time
connected to the inl1-supply.

Therefore add the ability to specify the input supplies for the individual inputs.
The input-names are taken from the datasheets of act8600, act8846 and act8865.
On the act8600 some regulators do not have separate input supplies.

Signed-off-by: default avatarHeiko Stuebner <>
Signed-off-by: Mark Brown's avatarMark Brown <>
parent df3a950e
......@@ -9,6 +9,28 @@ Optional properties:
- system-power-controller: Telling whether or not this pmic is controlling
the system power. See Documentation/devicetree/bindings/power/power-controller.txt .
Optional input supply properties:
- for act8600:
- vp1-supply: The input supply for DCDC_REG1
- vp2-supply: The input supply for DCDC_REG2
- vp3-supply: The input supply for DCDC_REG3
- inl-supply: The input supply for LDO_REG5, LDO_REG6, LDO_REG7 and LDO_REG8
SUDCDC_REG4, LDO_REG9 and LDO_REG10 do not have separate supplies.
- for act8846:
- vp1-supply: The input supply for REG1
- vp2-supply: The input supply for REG2
- vp3-supply: The input supply for REG3
- vp4-supply: The input supply for REG4
- inl1-supply: The input supply for REG5, REG6 and REG7
- inl2-supply: The input supply for REG8 and LDO_REG9
- inl3-supply: The input supply for REG10, REG11 and REG12
- for act8865:
- vp1-supply: The input supply for DCDC_REG1
- vp2-supply: The input supply for DCDC_REG2
- vp3-supply: The input supply for DCDC_REG3
- inl45-supply: The input supply for LDO_REG1 and LDO_REG2
- inl67-supply: The input supply for LDO_REG3 and LDO_REG4
Any standard regulator properties can be used to configure the single regulator.
The valid names for regulators are:
......@@ -173,9 +173,10 @@ static struct regulator_ops act8865_ldo_ops = {
.is_enabled = regulator_is_enabled_regmap,
#define ACT88xx_REG(_name, _family, _id, _vsel_reg) \
#define ACT88xx_REG(_name, _family, _id, _vsel_reg, _supply) \
[_family##_ID_##_id] = { \
.name = _name, \
.supply_name = _supply, \
.id = _family##_ID_##_id, \
.ops = &act8865_ops, \
......@@ -190,9 +191,9 @@ static struct regulator_ops act8865_ldo_ops = {
static const struct regulator_desc act8600_regulators[] = {
ACT88xx_REG("DCDC1", ACT8600, DCDC1, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("DCDC2", ACT8600, DCDC2, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("DCDC3", ACT8600, DCDC3, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("DCDC1", ACT8600, DCDC1, VSET, "vp1"),
ACT88xx_REG("DCDC2", ACT8600, DCDC2, VSET, "vp2"),
ACT88xx_REG("DCDC3", ACT8600, DCDC3, VSET, "vp3"),
.name = "SUDCDC_REG4",
.id = ACT8600_ID_SUDCDC4,
......@@ -207,10 +208,10 @@ static const struct regulator_desc act8600_regulators[] = {
.enable_mask = ACT8865_ENA,
.owner = THIS_MODULE,
ACT88xx_REG("LDO5", ACT8600, LDO5, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO6", ACT8600, LDO6, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO7", ACT8600, LDO7, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO8", ACT8600, LDO8, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO5", ACT8600, LDO5, VSET, "inl"),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO6", ACT8600, LDO6, VSET, "inl"),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO7", ACT8600, LDO7, VSET, "inl"),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO8", ACT8600, LDO8, VSET, "inl"),
.name = "LDO_REG9",
.id = ACT8600_ID_LDO9,
......@@ -236,28 +237,28 @@ static const struct regulator_desc act8600_regulators[] = {
static const struct regulator_desc act8846_regulators[] = {
ACT88xx_REG("REG1", ACT8846, REG1, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("REG2", ACT8846, REG2, VSET0),
ACT88xx_REG("REG3", ACT8846, REG3, VSET0),
ACT88xx_REG("REG4", ACT8846, REG4, VSET0),
ACT88xx_REG("REG5", ACT8846, REG5, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("REG6", ACT8846, REG6, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("REG7", ACT8846, REG7, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("REG8", ACT8846, REG8, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("REG9", ACT8846, REG9, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("REG10", ACT8846, REG10, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("REG11", ACT8846, REG11, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("REG12", ACT8846, REG12, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("REG1", ACT8846, REG1, VSET, "vp1"),
ACT88xx_REG("REG2", ACT8846, REG2, VSET0, "vp2"),
ACT88xx_REG("REG3", ACT8846, REG3, VSET0, "vp3"),
ACT88xx_REG("REG4", ACT8846, REG4, VSET0, "vp4"),
ACT88xx_REG("REG5", ACT8846, REG5, VSET, "inl1"),
ACT88xx_REG("REG6", ACT8846, REG6, VSET, "inl1"),
ACT88xx_REG("REG7", ACT8846, REG7, VSET, "inl1"),
ACT88xx_REG("REG8", ACT8846, REG8, VSET, "inl2"),
ACT88xx_REG("REG9", ACT8846, REG9, VSET, "inl2"),
ACT88xx_REG("REG10", ACT8846, REG10, VSET, "inl3"),
ACT88xx_REG("REG11", ACT8846, REG11, VSET, "inl3"),
ACT88xx_REG("REG12", ACT8846, REG12, VSET, "inl3"),
static const struct regulator_desc act8865_regulators[] = {
ACT88xx_REG("DCDC_REG1", ACT8865, DCDC1, VSET1),
ACT88xx_REG("DCDC_REG2", ACT8865, DCDC2, VSET1),
ACT88xx_REG("DCDC_REG3", ACT8865, DCDC3, VSET1),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO_REG1", ACT8865, LDO1, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO_REG2", ACT8865, LDO2, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO_REG3", ACT8865, LDO3, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO_REG4", ACT8865, LDO4, VSET),
ACT88xx_REG("DCDC_REG1", ACT8865, DCDC1, VSET1, "vp1"),
ACT88xx_REG("DCDC_REG2", ACT8865, DCDC2, VSET1, "vp2"),
ACT88xx_REG("DCDC_REG3", ACT8865, DCDC3, VSET1, "vp3"),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO_REG1", ACT8865, LDO1, VSET, "inl45"),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO_REG2", ACT8865, LDO2, VSET, "inl45"),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO_REG3", ACT8865, LDO3, VSET, "inl67"),
ACT88xx_REG("LDO_REG4", ACT8865, LDO4, VSET, "inl67"),
#ifdef CONFIG_OF
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