Commit debfa49b authored by Brendan Moran's avatar Brendan Moran
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Improve digest handling

parent 8e0d7e8c
......@@ -636,11 +636,18 @@ CBOR_KPARSE_ELEMENT_LIST(suit_digest_elements,
CBOR_KPARSE_ELEMENT_EX(0, CBOR_TYPE_NINT, &exp_digest_alg, "SUIT Digest Algorithm"),
CBOR_KPARSE_ELEMENT_EX(1, CBOR_TYPE_BSTR, &exp_digest, "SUIT Digest Bytes"),
CBOR_KPARSE_ELEMENT_C(0, CBOR_TYPE_LIST, &suit_digest_elements, "SUIT Digest"),
CBOR_KPARSE_ELEMENT_C_BWRAP(0, CBOR_TYPE_LIST, &suit_digest_elements, "SUIT Digest Wrapped"),
int suit_check_digest(suit_reference_t* expected_digest, const uint8_t *data, size_t data_len)
const uint8_t *p = expected_digest->ptr;
const uint8_t *end = expected_digest->end;
int rc = suit_process_kv(&p, end, NULL, &suit_digest_elements.elements, CBOR_TYPE_LIST);
int rc = handle_keyed_element(&p, end, NULL, &suit_digest_container.elements, 0);
// int rc = suit_process_kv(&p, end, NULL, &suit_digest_elements.elements, CBOR_TYPE_LIST);
if (rc != CBOR_ERR_NONE) {
return rc;
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