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Title: "SOAFEE Inaugural Public All Hands Recording"
Description: "The SOAFEE Governing Body held a successful All-Hands meeting on the 27th January 2020. Watch the recording here and review the responses to the questions raised"
Date: "2022-02-02"
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Title: Learn about SOAFEE at Public All-hands meeting
Description: Join the virtual all-hands on January 27th, 7am pacific to hear about SOAFEE, how to start developing with the framework, and how to get involved with this ground-breaking initiative.
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# SOAFEE Inaugural Public All Hands Recording
The inaugural SOAFEE All-Hands kick-off session took place on the 27th January 2022, attended by around 300 people from across the automotive ecosystem. If you were unable to attend the meeting in person, or would like to review the content again, the recording of the session is available here.
{{< youtube 8MkXiceCxSM >}}
## Questions and Answers
Answers to questions raised at the event are currently being answered by members of the SOAFEE Governing Body, when they are ready they will be posted here.
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