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Title: Joining the community
# Joining the Community
## Charter
The rules for community engagement are covered under the [SOAFEE Charter](/about/charter), we aim to be an open, friendly respectful and collaborative community. Please refer to the charter for more details.
## Slack
The community makes extensive use of Slack for all transient communication. We are currently using the free tier of slack, so have limited access to features and history. If you want to create a persistent document or content, please make use of the Google Workspace resource outlined below.
Please use this link to [join the SOAFEE Slack community](
Please explore the channels that are of interest to you. We tend to create a channel that maps to steering committees and working groups.
## Google Workplace
The SOAFEE project makes use of Google Workplace for meetings, documents and collaboration. Each signed up member company will be given two accounts, but you don't need to have one of these accounts to collaborate with the SOAFEE community. We aim to have all documents available read-only to anybody who wants access, there may be errors made by community members when setting up documents, if you have trouble accessing a document, please contact If you would like edit access to documents, please read the section below about joining a workspace group below.
### Groups
There are three main groups that manage access to documents. Please request to join the group that represents your role within SOAFEE community
{{< table >}}
| Group Name | Joining URL |
| --------------- | ----------
| Governing Body | [GB](
| Technical Steering Committee | [TSC](
| Marketing Steering Committee | [MSC](
{{</ table >}}
Once you have membership of a group, this should give you edit permissions for shared documents under that function.
### Shared Drives
There are three main shared drives, aligned with the main SOAFEE groups.
{{< table >}}
| Group Name | Shared Drive |
| ---------- | ------------ |
| Governing Body | [GB](
| Technical Steering Committee | [TSC](
| Marketing Steering COmmittee | [MSC](
{{</ table >}}
### Calendar
We maintain a shared calendar that contains all public meetings.
{{< google_calendar src="Y19taTAxMWJiajNrdXJhbGpnOGs5MmtrOG44NEBncm91cC5jYWxlbmRhci5nb29nbGUuY29t">}}
## Jira
Jira is used to track and manage all engineering efforts. Currently, Jira accounts are limited to SOAFEE members with accounts so only these members will be able to create tickets. We currently allow comments on tickets by any anonymous users, so anybody in the ecosystem can comment on existing tickets.
Follow this link to access the [SOAFEE Jira instance](
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