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Start to document the EBBR.yaml configuration file specificities.

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......@@ -203,6 +203,26 @@ This generated configuration can then be further edited manually.
* The generated rule "criteria" "log" field is filtered to remove the leading
path before C filename.
### EBBR configuration
The `EBBR.yaml` file is a configuration file meant for [EBBR] testing. It can
override the result of some tests with the following ones:
Result Description
------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------
`IGNORED` False-positive test failure, not mandated by [EBBR]
and too fine-grained to be removed from the
`EBBR.seq` sequence file.
`KNOWN U-BOOT LIMITATION` Genuine bugs, which much ultimately be fixed.
We know about them; they are due to U-Boot FAT
filesystem implementation limitations and they do
not prevent an OS to boot.
Some of the rules just add a `comments` field with some help text.
## Notes
### Known Issues:
* "comment" is currently not implemented, as formatting is not currently consistent, should reflect the comments from the test.
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