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Document how the `--filter' option can be somewhat (ab)used to apply
transformations to tests data.

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......@@ -47,6 +47,24 @@ $ ./ --filter "x['result'] == 'FAILURE'" ...
Filtering takes place after the configuration rules, which are described below.
This filtering mechanism can also be (ab)used to transform tests results.
Example command, which adds a "comment" field (and keeps all the tests):
``` {.sh}
$ ./ \
--filter "x.update({'comment': 'Transformed'}) or True" ...
Example command, which removes filenames prefixes in the "log" field (and keeps
all the tests):
``` {.sh}
$ ./ \
--filter "x.update({'log': re.sub(r'/.*/', '', x['log'])}) \
or True" ...
## Configuration file
It is possible to use a configuration file with command line option `--config
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