Commit 316c6421 authored by Vincent Stehlé's avatar Vincent Stehlé
Browse files auto-detect result values and summary

In the future, we will be able to override tests result values with a
config file and it will become more convenient to auto-detect the test
result values rather than hardcoding.

This changes a bit the summary table and group sections order and fields,
but is still arguably acceptable.

While at it, print a one line summary during execution.

Signed-off-by: Vincent Stehlé's avatarVincent Stehlé <>
parent 6e9c8643
......@@ -268,11 +268,28 @@ def main():
if args.sort is not None:
sort_data(cross_check, args.sort)
# search for failures and warnings & passes,
# search for failures, warnings, passes & others
# We detect all present keys in additions to the expected ones. This is
# handy with config rules overriding the result field with arbitrary values.
res_keys = set(['FAILURE', 'WARNING', 'PASS'])
failures = key_value_find(cross_check,"result","FAILURE")
warnings = key_value_find(cross_check,"result","WARNING")
passes = key_value_find(cross_check,"result","PASS")
for x in cross_check:
# Now we fill some bins with tests according to their result
bins = {}
for k in res_keys:
bins[k] = key_value_find(cross_check, "result", k)
# Print a one-line summary
s = ['{} dropped'.format(len(would_not_run))]
s += map(
lambda k: '{} {}(s)'.format(len(bins[k]), k.lower()),
sorted(res_keys))', '.join(s))
# generate MD summary
logging.debug(f'Generate {}')
......@@ -282,22 +299,27 @@ def main():
resultfile.write("| | |\n")
resultfile.write("|Dropped:|" + str(len(would_not_run)) + "|\n")
resultfile.write("|Failures:|" + str(len(failures)) + "|\n")
resultfile.write("|Warnings:|" + str(len(warnings)) + "|\n")
resultfile.write("|Passes:|" + str(len(passes)) + "|\n")
# Loop on all the result values we found for the summary
for k in sorted(res_keys):
"|{}:|{}|\n".format(k.title(), len(bins[k])))
resultfile.write("## 1. Silently dropped or missing")
resultfile.write("## 4. Failure by group")
# Loop on all the result values we found (except PASS) for the sections
# listing the tests by group
n = 2
res_keys_np = set(res_keys)
resultfile.write("## 3. Warnings by group")
for k in sorted(res_keys_np):
resultfile.write("## {}. {} by group\n\n".format(n, k.title()))
key_tree_2_md(bins[k], resultfile, "group")
n += 1
# Generate csv if requested
if args.csv is not None:
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