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Yaml Linting
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# Simple makefile to generate the documentation with pandoc.
.PHONY: all doc help clean
.PHONY: all doc help clean check
all: doc
@echo 'Targets:'
@echo ' all'
@echo ' check Perform sanity checks (currently yamllint)'
@echo ' clean'
@echo ' doc Generate README.pdf'
@echo ' help Print this help.'
......@@ -15,5 +16,8 @@ doc: README.pdf
%.pdf: %.md pandoc.yaml
pandoc -o$@ $< pandoc.yaml
yamllint .
-rm -f README.pdf
......@@ -210,6 +210,11 @@ This generated configuration can then be further edited manually.
It is possible to convert this `README.md` into `README.pdf` with pandoc using
`make doc`. See `make help`.
### Sanity checks
To perform sanity checks, run `make check`. For the moment this runs `yamllint`,
which will inspect all YAML files and report errors. See `make help`.
### db structure:
``` {.python}
......@@ -497,14 +497,16 @@ def do_print(cross_check, fields):
w[f] = max(w[f], len(str(x[f])))
# Second pass where we print
lf = fields[len(fields) - 1]
print(' '.join([
*map(lambda f: f"{f:{w[f]}}", fm1),
fields[len(fields) - 1]]))
for x in cross_check:
print(' '.join([
*map(lambda f: f"{x[f]:{w[f]}}", fm1),
x[fields[len(fields) - 1]]]))
*map(lambda f: f"{x[f]:{w[f] if f in x else ''}}", fm1),
x[lf] if lf in x else '']))
# Combine or two databases db1 and db2 coming from ekl and seq files
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@
# Only the first matching rule does actually update the test.
# Criteria fields are matched in a "relaxed" manner (substrings can match).
# See README.md for details.
- rule: A sample rule to force the result as `SAMPLE' and create a `System' key
with value `Ready'.
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