Commit 64072999 authored by Vincent Stehlé's avatar Vincent Stehlé
Browse files use a dict for test group

This is easier for argument passing and more flexible for adding fields in
the future.

We take care to preserve current fields ordering in output

Signed-off-by: Vincent Stehlé's avatarVincent Stehlé <>
parent e7fbc0c5
......@@ -16,14 +16,11 @@ def key_value_find(list_1, key, value):
#Were we intrept test logs into test dicts
def test_parser(string,current_group,current_test_set,current_set_guid,current_sub_set):
def test_parser(string, current):
test_list = {
"name": string[2], #FIXME:Sometimes, SCT has name and Description,
"result": string[1],
"group": current_group,
"test set": current_test_set,
"sub set": current_sub_set,
"set guid": current_set_guid,
"guid": string[0], #FIXME:GUID's overlap
#"comment": string[-1], #FIXME:need to hash this out, sometime there is no comments
"log": ' '.join(string[3:])
......@@ -35,10 +32,12 @@ def ekl_parser (file):
#create our "database" dict
temp_list = list()
#All tests are grouped by the "HEAD" line the procedes them.
current_group = "N/A"
current_set = "N/A"
current_set_guid = "N/A"
current_sub_set = "N/A"
current = {
'group': "N/A",
'test set': "N/A",
'sub set': "N/A",
'set guid': "N/A",
for line in file:
# Strip the line from trailing whitespaces
......@@ -59,11 +58,15 @@ def ekl_parser (file):
if split_line[0]=="HEAD":
#split the header into test group and test set.
current_group, current_set = split_line[8].split('\\')
group, Set = split_line[8].split('\\')
current_group, current_set = '', split_line[8]
current_set_guid = split_line[4]
current_sub_set = split_line[6]
group, Set = '', split_line[8]
current = {
'group': group,
'test set': Set,
'sub set': split_line[6],
'set guid': split_line[4],
#FIXME:? EKL file has an inconsistent line structure,
# sometime we see a line that consits ' dump of GOP->I\n'
......@@ -73,7 +76,7 @@ def ekl_parser (file):
#deliminiate on ':' for tests
split_test = [new_string for old_string in split_line for new_string in old_string.split(':')]
#put the test into a dict, and then place that dict in another dict with GUID as key
tmp_dict = test_parser(split_test,current_group,current_set,current_set_guid,current_sub_set)
tmp_dict = test_parser(split_test, current)
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