Commit eb93e1b4 authored by Vincent Stehlé's avatar Vincent Stehlé
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EBBR.yaml: add comments to known ACS-IR memory map failure

The boot services memory map test has a known issue with the ACS-IR
v21.05_0.8_BETA-0. The real fix is to update the ACS-IR test code, but we
add a rule already to add some comments for that case, to help triaging.
Signed-off-by: Vincent Stehlé's avatarVincent Stehlé <>
parent c941b11a
...@@ -1974,3 +1974,23 @@ ...@@ -1974,3 +1974,23 @@
test set: SimpleOutputProtocolTest test set: SimpleOutputProtocolTest
update: update:
comments: Mode 1 necessitates a 80x50 terminal comments: Mode 1 necessitates a 80x50 terminal
# We add comments to the following tests failures for which we know a likely
# cause, to help triaging/debugging.
- rule: Add comments to boot services memory map test failure with ACS-IR
descr: SbbrBootServices Tests
device path: No device path
group: BootServicesTest
guid: 58A44F17-760E-478B-BAEF-E20BFBCD7457
log: MemoryMap Not Found
name: MemoryMap
result: FAILURE
revision: '0x00010000'
set guid: 8540C12D-5413-4A0B-A545-89A8E3C7DA4B
sub set: MemoryMap
test set: SbbrBootServices
comments: This is a known issue with ACS-IR v21.05_0.8_BETA-0
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