Commit f88b3ceb authored by Vincent Stehlé's avatar Vincent Stehlé
Browse files rework ekl parsing

Currently we are dropping the end of the device path in the ekl when it
contains `|' characters, as in sample.elk for example. Rework the ekl
parsing to fix this.

  Before: `Acpi(PNP0A08,0)/Pci(0'
   After: `Acpi(PNP0A08,0)/Pci(0|0)/Pci(0|0)'

Signed-off-by: Vincent Stehlé's avatarVincent Stehlé <>
parent 886921c5
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ def ekl_parser (file):
'set guid': "N/A",
for line in file:
for i, line in enumerate(file):
# Strip the line from trailing whitespaces
line = line.rstrip()
......@@ -52,37 +52,37 @@ def ekl_parser (file):
if line == '':
#strip the line of | & || used for sepration
split_line = [string for string in line.split('|') if string != ""]
# strip the line of | & || used for sepration
split_line = line.split('|')
# Skip TERM
if split_line[0] == "TERM":
if split_line[0] == '' and split_line[1] == "TERM":
#The "HEAD" tag is the only indcation we are on a new test set
if split_line[0]=="HEAD":
#split the header into test group and test set.
# The "HEAD" tag is the only indcation we are on a new test set
if split_line[0] == '' and split_line[1] == "HEAD":
# split the header into test group and test set.
group, Set = split_line[8].split('\\')
group, Set = '', split_line[8]
group, Set = split_line[12].split('\\')
except Exception:
group, Set = '', split_line[12]
current = {
'group': group,
'test set': Set,
'sub set': split_line[6],
'set guid': split_line[4],
'iteration': split_line[1],
'start date': split_line[2],
'start time': split_line[3],
'revision': split_line[5],
'descr': split_line[7],
'device path': split_line[9],
'sub set': split_line[10],
'set guid': split_line[8],
'iteration': split_line[4],
'start date': split_line[6],
'start time': split_line[7],
'revision': split_line[9],
'descr': split_line[11],
'device path': '|'.join(split_line[13:]),
#FIXME:? EKL file has an inconsistent line structure,
# sometime we see a line that consits ' dump of GOP->I\n'
#easiest way to skip is check for blank space in the first char
elif split_line[0][0] != " ":
elif split_line[0] != '' and split_line[0][0] != " ":
#deliminiate on ':' for tests
split_test = [new_string for old_string in split_line for new_string in old_string.split(':')]
......@@ -92,6 +92,9 @@ def ekl_parser (file):
sys.exit("your log may be corrupted")
logging.error(f"Unparsed line {i} `{line}'")
return temp_list
#Parse Seq file, used to tell which tests should run.
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