Unverified Commit 35577e9d authored by G Edhaya Chandran's avatar G Edhaya Chandran Committed by GitHub
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Minor update for a build issue on VS2015

Header.Length is of type uint8[2], this cause incompatibility with compare with sizeof()
parent 19c308ab
......@@ -1199,7 +1199,7 @@ DevicePathToTextConvertDeviceNodeToTextCoverageTest (
Text = DevicePathToText->ConvertDeviceNodeToText (pDeviceNode1, FALSE, FALSE);
pDeviceNode2 = SctConvertTextToDeviceNode(Text);
if (pDeviceNode2 &&
((MEDIA_OFFSET_DEVICE_PATH *)pDeviceNode2)->Header.Length ==
*((UINT16*)((MEDIA_OFFSET_DEVICE_PATH *)pDeviceNode2)->Header.Length) ==
((MEDIA_OFFSET_DEVICE_PATH *)pDeviceNode2)->Reserved = 0;
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