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Release Date: 2019-04-05

New Features
* First Open Source Release after UEFI-SCT became open source.
* Beta Release for UEFI v2.7a Specification.
* Support for building UEFI-SCT after edk2 Python 3 migration.
* Binary free source including support for building GenBin from Source.
* Add new test for DNS/BlueToothLE DevicePath.
* Add new test for ResetNotification Protocol.
* Add new test for UFSDeviceConfig Protocol.
* Add new test for PartitionInfo Protocol.
* Add new checkpoint for LocateProtocol().
* Add not-granularity-aligned test cases in Erase Block Protocol.
* Define new Adapter Info block for wireless NIC.
* Add TPL Check in SimpleTextIn/SimpleTextInEx.
* Add two checkpoints for GetNextVariable().
* Add the checkpoint toggle state of ReadKeyStrokeEx.
* Add VerifySignature() test.
* Update BlueTooth test with LE support.
* Implement iSCSI DevicePathToText Test

Bug Fixes
* SD/MMC Passthrough test bug fix.
* DevicePathFromText test CreateEMMCDeviceNode() bug fix.
* ExtractConfig API bug fix.
* Ensure the HwErrRecVariable could be deleted before the test exit bug fix.
* The Lun display order bug fix.
* Correct BlueTooth Io Protocol Guid and BlueTooth Config Protocol Guid.
* Fix incorrect line ending detection by GenBin tool.
* Fix invalid GUID value format error.
* Remove old unused files in EfiCompliant test.
* Allow usage with UEFI version 2.7.
* Correct Enable parameter in ReceiveFilters test.
* Fix bug in BBTestCreateEventEx_Func_Sub3 test.
* Corrected the size in bytes to be erased in EraseBlockProtocol test.
* Fix underflow in EraseBlocks test.
* Fix compilation issues in inf files when compiled against edk2 stable tag edk2-stable201903.