Commit 1a6c8376 authored by Tan, Dun's avatar Tan, Dun Committed by mergify[bot]
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UefiPayloadPkg: Fix the UPL build failure

Add double quotes to LlvmObjcopyPath.
Blank space in LlvmObjcopyPath will cause build failure.
This build failure is introduced by 2306555b

"UefiPayloadPkg: Fix IA32 entry build failure").

Signed-off-by: default avatarDun Tan <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarRay Ni <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuo Dong <>
Cc: Benjamin You <>
Cc: Sean Rhodes <>
parent 8079d4dc
......@@ -111,9 +111,9 @@ def BuildUniversalPayload(Args, MacroList):
# Copy the DXEFV as a section in elf format Universal Payload entry.
remove_section = f"{LlvmObjcopyPath} -I {ObjCopyFlag} -O {ObjCopyFlag} --remove-section .upld_info --remove-section .upld.uefi_fv {EntryOutputDir}"
add_section = f"{LlvmObjcopyPath} -I {ObjCopyFlag} -O {ObjCopyFlag} --add-section .upld_info={UpldInfoFile} --add-section .upld.uefi_fv={FvOutputDir} {EntryOutputDir}"
set_section = f"{LlvmObjcopyPath} -I {ObjCopyFlag} -O {ObjCopyFlag} --set-section-alignment .upld.upld_info=16 --set-section-alignment .upld.uefi_fv=16 {EntryOutputDir}"
remove_section = f'"{LlvmObjcopyPath}" -I {ObjCopyFlag} -O {ObjCopyFlag} --remove-section .upld_info --remove-section .upld.uefi_fv {EntryOutputDir}'
add_section = f'"{LlvmObjcopyPath}" -I {ObjCopyFlag} -O {ObjCopyFlag} --add-section .upld_info={UpldInfoFile} --add-section .upld.uefi_fv={FvOutputDir} {EntryOutputDir}'
set_section = f'"{LlvmObjcopyPath}" -I {ObjCopyFlag} -O {ObjCopyFlag} --set-section-alignment .upld.upld_info=16 --set-section-alignment .upld.uefi_fv=16 {EntryOutputDir}'
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