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Commit 5d182d1d authored by Vincent Stehlé's avatar Vincent Stehlé
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ROCKPro64: capture certified firmware

- Freeze U-Boot and build scripts revisions
- Add a few words in the readme for fetching the right version and building
  a capsule
Signed-off-by: Vincent Stehlé's avatarVincent Stehlé <>
parent 56047061
......@@ -24,6 +24,12 @@ $ repo init -u
$ repo sync -j4 --no-clone-bundle
To obtain the same firmware as the one used for ROCKPro64 certification, use this `repo init` command:
$ repo init -u -m RockPro64.xml -b refs/tags/rockpro64-21.09
## 3. Get the Aarch64 toolchain (optional)
$ cd <New_Dir>/build/
......@@ -35,6 +41,12 @@ $ make -j2 toolchains
$ make -j `nproc`
To build a capsule, use this `make` command:
$ make -j `nproc` capsule
## 5.Target Image Flashing Procedure
The sequence will sync the atf(bl31), uboot(uboot.itb) to the local repo and
......@@ -2,13 +2,12 @@
<remote name="systemready" fetch="" />
<remote name="tfa" fetch="" />
<remote name="u-boot" fetch="" />
<default remote="systemready" revision="main" />
<project path="atf" remote="tfa" name="trusted-firmware-a.git" revision="refs/tags/v2.4"/>
<project path="u-boot" remote="u-boot" name="u-boot.git" revision="refs/tags/v2021.07"/>
<project path="build" remote="systemready" name="firmware-build/rk3399-build">
<project path="u-boot" remote="systemready" name="firmware-build/U-Boot" revision="refs/tags/rockpro64-21.09"/>
<project path="build" remote="systemready" name="firmware-build/rk3399-build" revision="refs/tags/rockpro64-21.09">
<linkfile src="" dest="build/Makefile" />
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