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README: Add instructions for testing UpdateCapsule()

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......@@ -152,6 +152,27 @@ execute.
Shell> CapsuleApp.efi -P
Shell> CapsuleApp.efi -E
#### `./fw/capsule-update.log`
Demonstrate that `UpdateCapsule()` works by capturing a log of using
CapsuleApp.efi from the UEFI shell to install a different version of
Start with a copy of the ACS image on an SD card or USB drive and put
a copy of the firmware capsule into the `BOOT` volume.
Begin capture before releasing board from reset so that the initial
firmware log messages are captured.
Boot the ACS image, choose the default Grub option, and then press a
key to break out of running the ACS tests.
From the UEFI shell, use CapsuleApp.efi to install the new version
of firmware.
CapsuleApp.efi will cause the board to reboot after installing.
The U-Boot console log should now show a different version of firmware.
Shell> fs2:\
FS2:\> efi/boot/app/capsuleapp.efi capsule.bin
### `./os-logs/`
#### `./os-logs/linux-[distroname]-[distroversion]/`
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