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    Move all platform support into separate files · 135b7040
    Grant Likely authored
    All platform specific configuration is moved out into separate files so
    that the main makefile only contains common code. Choose which files to
    include based on the values of u-boot configuration variables. Currently
    these four U-Boot variables are used:
       CONFIG_SYS_VENDOR ==> include scripts/vendor-$(CONFIG_SYS_VENDOR).mk
       CONFIG_SYS_SOC ==> include scripts/soc-$(CONFIG_SYS_SOC).mk
       CONFIG_SYS_BOARD ==> include scripts/board-$(CONFIG_SYS_BOARD).mk
       CONFIG_SYS_CONFIG_NAME ==> include scripts/config-$(CONFIG_SYS_CONFIG_NAME).mk
    Signed-off-by: Grant Likely's avatarGrant Likely <grant.likely@arm.com>