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Commit 66abb076 authored by Grant Likely's avatar Grant Likely
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New 'addstmmconfig' target to enable StMM in u-boot

Simple target than turns on StMM & optee options in U-Boot. No
guarantees this will work for your platform.
Signed-off-by: Grant Likely's avatarGrant Likely <>
parent 5b510ca2
......@@ -116,6 +116,10 @@ ifeq ($(config-targets),1)
# *config targets only - make sure prerequisites are updated, and descend
# in scripts/kconfig to make the *config target
$(UBOOT_PATH)/scripts/kconfig/ -m -O $(UBOOT_OUTPUT) $(UBOOT_OUTPUT)/.config scripts/stmm.config
$(MAKE) -C $(UBOOT_PATH) $(UBOOT_EXTRA) olddefconfig
%config: u-boot/%config
$(UBOOT_PATH)/scripts/kconfig/ -m -O $(UBOOT_OUTPUT) $(UBOOT_OUTPUT)/.config scripts/ebbr.config
$(MAKE) -C $(UBOOT_PATH) $(UBOOT_EXTRA) olddefconfig
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