Commit 76e8c465 authored by Grant Likely's avatar Grant Likely
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Add lx2160a-cex7 as a supported platform

Signed-off-by: Grant Likely's avatarGrant Likely <>
parent b738031a
......@@ -52,3 +52,6 @@ More to come as this tool matures.
1. Macchiato-bin ``mvebu_mcbin-88f8040_defconfig``
2. RockPro64 ``rockpro64-rk3399_defconfig``
3. QEMU aarch64 ``qemu_arm64_defconfig``
4. Solidrun LX2k lx2160a-cex7 ``lx2160acex7_tfa_defconfig``
Need to use git repos listed in ``lx2160a.xml``.
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