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    aemfvp-a-rme: update documentation for 2023.12.22 release · 2e1e9fae
    Nitin Sharma authored and Thomas Abraham's avatar Thomas Abraham committed
    Update documentation about the changes being introduced in the
    2023.12.22 release of the Base AEM-A-RME FVP platform software
    stack. Updates include -
    - updated basic information around CCA.
    - moved setup workspace, build and docker setup in new guides.
    - added use case for parallel realm and nsvm boot.
    - added use case for SSH connection test between guest and realm.
    - elaborated usecases with pre-requisites, steps and expected outcome.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarNitin Sharma <>
    Change-Id: Ic5d047c26145bfd419854c3a91c861f80f27ad15