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infra: add a top level introduction for neoverse platforms

Add a introduction page as a starting point for all the neoverse
platform software stack. List all the platforms supported on this
page with corresponding links to the platform software.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Abraham's avatarThomas Abraham <>
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parent eab1f866
Neoverse Reference Design Platform Software
Neoverse reference designs provide useful resources with best practices on how
to integrate a Neoverse compute subsystem within a larger SoC. These compute
subsystems are targeted at addressing requirements for specific applications in
the cloud-to-edge infrastructure markets.
The Neoverse reference designs are also available as fixed virtual platform
models and provides a platform to explore various aspects of the compute
subsystem design from a software perspective. A software stack is also made
available as part of the Neoverse reference designs.
The platform software stack that can be used along with the fixed virtual
platforms is available for the following reference design platforms.
1. `RD-N2`_
2. `RD-V1 (single chip)`_
3. `RD-V1 (quad chip)`_
4. `RD-N1-Edge (single chip)`_
5. `RD-N1-Edge (dual chip)`_
6. `RD-E1-Edge`_
7. `SGI-575`_ (former system guidance platform)
The links above provide detailed documentation about the platform documentation
and includes instructions on downloading the software stack, compiling it,
executing the software stack on a fixed virtual platform and information about
the various features supported by the software stack.
For questions about the Neoverse Reference Design platform software stack, write
*Copyright (c) 2021, Arm Limited. All rights reserved.*
.. _RD-N2: docs/infra/rdn2
.. _RD-V1 (single chip): docs/infra/rdv1
.. _RD-V1 (quad chip): docs/infra/rdv1mc
.. _RD-N1-Edge (single chip): docs/infra/rdn1edge
.. _RD-N1-Edge (dual chip): docs/infra/rdn1edgex2
.. _RD-E1-Edge: docs/infra/rde1edge
.. _SGI-575: docs/infra/sgi575
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