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infra/changelog: update for RD-INFRA-2021.02.24 release

Update the Neoverse reference design platform software release change
log document with the details of the changes introduced in the
RD-INFRA-2021.02.24 release.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Abraham's avatarThomas Abraham <>
Change-Id: Ib48c56a3eba925df3836c6d60729a88ae1f13963
parent f54334a1
......@@ -9,6 +9,24 @@ releases. The changes introduced with each of the release is listed under the
the corresponding release tag. The release tag format is RD-INFRA-YYYY.MM.DD.
- Release targetted for RD-V1 platform software update.
- Pulls in existing software stack from linaro landing team repos into the
gitlab repos for the following platforms - SGI-575, RD-N1-Edge, RD-N1-Edge
dual-chip, RD-E1-Edge, RD-V1 Single-Chip and RD-V1 Quad-Chip.
- Rebased software for all platforms to latest upstream software.
- Adds virtualization, secure boot, ACS v3.0 and build root support for RD-V1
single chip platform.
- RD-V1 platform software stack validated for the following
- Busybox, buildroot and secure boot
- Fedora 32 server distribution installation and boot
- Ubuntu 20.04.1 server distribution installation and boot
- Debian 10.6 server distribution installation and boot
- ACS compliance test
- CPU virtualization and PCIe device assignment.
- Rebase the RD-N2 platform software to latest upstream software.
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