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    Merge intel-ipsec-mb v1.4 into 'main' · 4d3340a9
    Fisher Yu authored
        1. Merge files in lib/, test/, perf/, cmake/, docs/, examples/,
           and root dir with intel-ipsec-mb except docs/index.html.
        2. Modify intel-ipsec-mb.h to ipsec-mb.h
        3. Add "__aarch64__" macro to files in lib/ perf/ test/, to
           manage code for AARCH64.
        4. Add crc32_aarch64.c to lib/aarch64
        5. Modify "asm" to "__asm__" in lib/aarch to compat -std=c99.
        6. Rename aesni_emu_aarch64.S, zuc_common.S, zuc_sbox.S to
        7. Add " CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR STREQUAL "aarch64" " to some
           CMakeLists.txt to manage code for AARCH64.
        8. Add "-Wno-unused-parameter -Wno-unused-variable
           -Wno-unused-function" to CFLAGS in Makefile and CMakeLists.txt.
    Change-Id: I2c668561fd045f7f3c288441e8449c9ff3f027a4