Commit 126d3d0f authored by Arvind Chauhan's avatar Arvind Chauhan Committed by Nariman Poushin
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sgi575: Remove passing mcp-ram.bin to sgi575 fvp

SCPv2 build for SGI575 doesn't implement MCP RAM

Change-Id: I3d972a2e168a4714d759674e277d6881fd6d829b
Signed-off-by: Arvind Chauhan's avatarArvind Chauhan <>
parent a70fb0b0
......@@ -222,7 +222,6 @@ if [ ${MODEL_TYPE,,} == "sgi575" ]; then
-C css.cmn600.mesh_config_file="$PATH_TO_MODEL/SGI-575_cmn600.yml" \
-C css.cmn600.force_on_from_start=1 \
--data css.scp.armcortexm7ct=$OUTDIR/scp-ram.bin@0x0BD80000 \
--data css.scp.armcortexm7ct=$OUTDIR/mcp-ram.bin@0x0BE00000 \
-C css.mcp.ROMloader.fname="$OUTDIR/mcp-rom.bin" \
-C css.scp.ROMloader.fname="$OUTDIR/scp-rom.bin" \
-C css.trustedBootROMloader.fname="$OUTDIR/$BL1_IMAGE" \
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