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    plat: marvell: armada: Add new target mrvl_bootimage · 91bc2da7
    Pali Rohár authored and Manish Pandey2's avatar Manish Pandey2 committed
    This new target builds boot-image.bin binary as described in documentation.
    This image does not contain WTMI image and therefore WTP repository is not
    required for building.
    Having ability to build just this boot-image.bin binary without full
    flash-image.bin is useful for A3720 Turris MOX board which does not use
    Marvell's WTP and a3700_utils.
    To reduce duplicity between a8k and a3k code, define this new target and
    also definitions for $(BUILD_PLAT)/$(BOOT_IMAGE) in common include file
    For this purpose it is needed to include plat/marvell/ file from unconditionally (and not only when WTP is defined). Now
    when common file plat/marvell/ does not contain definition for
    building $(DOIMAGETOOL), it is possible to move its inclusion at the top of
    the file.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarPali Rohár <>
    Change-Id: Ic58303b37a1601be9a06ff83b7a279cb7cfc8280