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    armv8r64-extras/xen: Upgrade Xen to 4.17 · 77c7144e
    Robbie Cao authored
    To achieve this upgrade, the main changes are as follows:
    * Switch to use the main Xen Project repository
    * Add .bb for xen 4.17 and change to use stable-4.17 branch
    * Bump the version to RELEASE-4.17.0
    * Do the same for xen-tools 4.17
    * Remove downstream patches for shmem and evtchn since their support
      was included in 4.17
    * Add Xen support for Armv8-R AArch64 with MPU as downstream patches
    * Update Xen's config
    * Update device tree, mainly including:
       * Add 'xen,static-heap' settings
       * Update 'xen,static-mem' settings
       * Add 'xen,peer-dom-id' settings
       * Update the shared memory nodes
       * Update event channel nodes:
          * The 'evtchn' nodes are now inside the DomUs
          * Add configs for evtchn in xen_dom0less_config.bbclass
          * Remove obsolete evtchn configs, templates and python code
    * Update the Linux driver patches for shmem and evtchn
    Issue-Id: SCM-5230
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRobbie Cao <>
    Change-Id: I5bd2f7d52817214f36b70fda242dbcf9788a9093