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    armv8r64-extras/zephyr: Introduce meta-zephyr layer · 0bd4c106
    Qi Feng authored and Robbie Cao's avatar Robbie Cao committed
    Introduce the meta-zephyr layer into v8r64 stack and switch to use it to
    build Zephyr applications.
    The main changes are as follows:
    * Introduce meta-zephyr layer in the Kas config.
    * Remove, and the zephyr-toolchain-native
      recipe, the functionalities or settings they implement are provided in
    * Move all those fvp-baser-aemv8r64 specific settings into (for baremetal-zephyr) and (for virtualization)
    * Reuse the recipes in meta-zephyr to build zephyr-helloworld,
      zephyr-synchronization and zephyr-philosophers applications.
      And remove those recipes with the same name in the
      meta-armv8r64-extras layer.
    * Add zephyr-philosophers.bbappend to append extra customized settings.
    * Rename meta-armv8r64-extras/lib/oeqa/runtime/cases/ to avoid
      duplication to the zephyr test case in meta-zephyr.
    * Add new directory zephyrcore to BBFILES_DYNAMIC to avoid some
      .bbappend files' hard dependencies.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRobbie Cao <>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarQi Feng <>
    Issue-Id: SCM-5228
    Change-Id: Iacbe4daef541a5f4d1000aaac486e26bf29d1beb