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    armv8r64-extras/linux: Add shm & evtchn driver · f4edbea8
    Robbie Cao authored
    Add shared memory and evtchn Linux drivers for fvp-baser-aemv8r64
    running in Xen domain.
    Add a config fragment and scc file to enable the necessary flags for
    supporting Xen shared memory for dom0less VM-to-VM communications.
    Currently event channel is enabled by default, so it does not need a
    config fragement and scc file.
    Also enable Xen kernel support as Xen driver support depends on
    Issue-Id: SCM-4862
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRobbie Cao <>
    Change-Id: Ie6717bdc9ebcc85879766f4fd6e99c2d13cc47ce