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    ewaol-[distro,config],doc: Refactor EWAOL build targets and kas config files · 654a9876
    Richard Neill authored
    This patch refactors the naming scheme for EWAOL build targets, and creates the
    EWAOL Virtualization SDK image. The build targets are now as follows:
    Baremetal Images:
      * ewaol-baremetal-image
      * ewaol-baremetal-sdk-image
    Virtualization Images:
      * ewaol-virtualization-image
      * ewaol-virtualization-sdk-image
    In addition, this patch refactors the kas config files to more clearly define
    the process for building the different targets via kas. It is now necessary to
    supply kas with an architecture config file (e.g. baremetal.yml) and a machine
    config file (e.g. n1sdp.yml) for a valid build. To support this, the
    `ewaol-baremetal` DISTRO_FEATURE is introduced as a counterpart to the
    `ewaol-virtualization` DISTRO_FEATURE.
    Issue-Id: SCM-3839
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Neill <>
    Change-Id: I66b27bd55c8762cc3a389e0150554c536855bab9