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n1sdp: introduce multichip information SDS region.

Created by: manish-pandey-arm

N1SDP can support multichip configuration wherein n1sdp boards are connected over high speed coherent CCIX link, for now only dual-chip is supported.

Multichip information can only be probed in SCP, use SDS region to propagate this information to TF-A.

This patch introduces a new SDS to store multichip information and a place holder to update this information provided by C2C module which is responsible for probing chip-to-chip information.

Currently it is configured as single-chip system but once C2C module is added this information will be filled dynamically.

Change-Id: I57e4aac5c32aa22f927faac4a3f91876ef34dd23 Signed-off-by: Manish Pandey

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