module/scmi_system_power: Fix build issue if enabled SCMI notification

Merged Darryl Green requested to merge github/fork/girishpathak/scmi_notification_build_fix into master

Created by: girishpathak

This change fixes a build issue if build enables BS_FIRMWARE_HAS_SCMI_NOTIFICATIONS build macro. The build gives undefined errors for macros SCMI_AGENT_ID_MAX and SCMI_PROTOCOL_ID_SYS_POWER, which are recently renamed to SCMI_AGENT_ID_MAX and MOD_SCMI_PROTOCOL_ID_SYS_POWER respectively.

Change-Id: I1ba7d71d50bdc4a0c4913308e665840ab8a4b644 Signed-off-by: Girish Pathak

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