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clark: Fix GCC 7 -Wformat-truncation error

Created by: nicola-mazzucato-arm

GCC 7 introduces the -Wformat-truncation warning and associated heuristics. This warning identifies potentially unexpected string truncation issues by statically range-checking the vararg inputs to snprintf().

For us, GCC seems to be unable to reliably identify the bounds of the inputs (cluster_idx, core_idx) even though we have static guarantees in place as those guarantees are made in a separate compilation unit from the one in which the error occurs.

This patch allows the compiler to inline the cluster/core count functions to ensure it can properly ascertain the proper bounds on the inputs to snprintf().

Change-Id: Ie332561573d33a38063863fa7a4423c0c82543c4 Signed-off-by: Nicola Mazzucato

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