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Cmake modules pr2

Darryl Green requested to merge github/fork/girishpathak/cmake_modules_pr2 into master

Created by: girishpathak

As part of overall CMake build support for the SCP firmware, next few pull requests will gradually add CMake build support for various SCP firmware modules. This is the second pull request of the series.

In this PR, following modules are added.

cmake: mod_system_info cmake: mod_smt cmake: mod_sid cmake: mod_sensor cmake: mod_sds cmake: mod_scmi_system_power cmake: mod_scmi_sensor cmake: mod_scmi_power_domain cmake: mod_scmi_perf cmake: mod_scmi_clock cmake: mod_scmi_apcore cmake: mod_scmi cmake: mod_resource_perms cmake: mod_reg_sensor cmake: mod_psu

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